Job Description

Job Summary:
The CTT instructors' responsibilities include all aspects of instruction and the learning experience of the students. The instructor may also function concurrently as the program coordinator.


Works towards meeting performance management goals established by the company and the National Director of Job Corps via OMS and CTT Report Cards.

Work closely with the designated Center Safety Officer, and the Health and Wellness Manager, on all matters concerning the health and safety of students.

Remain current and knowledgeable regarding available industry certifications, prerequisites, and examination requirements.

Provide instruction and remedial training support that will enable students to overcome barriers in obtaining industry certifications or participating in Advanced Training (AT) or Advanced Career Training (ACT).

Provide contextual learning opportunities for students to improve academic skills in the CTT learning environment.

Collaborate in developing lessons, activities, and other instructional supports to ensure that industry certification requirements are addressed in the academic and career technical settings.

Maintain a comprehensive working knowledge of current industry skills, safety, and health requirements.

Develops and implements CTT programs in compliance with approved Course Guides and Training Achievement Records.

Ensure instructional materials are upgraded as necessary to remain aligned with the latest industry and training standards to promote certification.

Updates eTARs at on a weekly basis to credit student skill attainment.

Recommends curriculum materials aligned with course completion and certification requirements.

Fully support the functioning of the Center Workforce Council, and the center s business and community activities, including the Community Relations Council, to improve the quality of career technical training programs and creating meaningful linkages with individual employers, labor and business organizations, One-Stop centers/partners, state and local Workforce Development Boards and youth standing committees, where established.

Works closely with the Center Director s designee for disability issues to ensure that students with disabilities who are interested assigned trade is provided reasonable accommodations/modifications, if needed, to perform the trade-related skills required by the Training Achievement Records (TARs).

Provides input on the maintenance of the Career Development Services System Plan.

Ensures students are taught the importance of attaining and applying the career success and applied academic standards listed in each TAR.

Tailors instructional methods and expected rates of progress to the learning styles, abilities, and career goals of individual students.

Work closely with center staff to develop student schedules. Every effort shall be made to schedule students to attend career technical classes for the maximum period per day, including an appropriate amount of time for lunch.

Deliver training in the context of projects or workplace situations, using workplace materials and employer and Industry Council input whenever possible.

Incorporate work-based learning (WBL) as a primary instructional approach to the delivery of applied and contextual training.

Ensures instructional approach support students career development goals, the Zero Tolerance Policy, mastery of Career Success Standards, and college and career readiness.

Develop year-round job-shadowing opportunities with community, industry, and employers, which will enhance students education and career technical skills training.

Provide students with periodic feedback and assessments of progress in achieving their career development goals. (ESP)

Collaborate with students in setting or revising their short- and long-term goals that will lead to achievement of career goals. (PCDP)

Maintains good housekeeping in all areas and complies with safety practices.

Complies with all DOL guidelines, OFCCP regulations, Job Corps notices and bulletins, company and center policies and procedures.

Monitors, Mentors, and Models Career Success Standards and Employability Skills.

Intervene and correct inappropriate student behavior and nonperformance

Complies with all state regulations related to testing and certification.

Records and forwards daily attendance to the records department.

Maintains building and equipment and ensures proper measures are taken for the care of equipment and supplies.

Participates in PRH mandated staff training and performs other duties as assigned (e.g. monitoring, assessment, transportation, etc.)

Performs other duties as assigned within the individual s scope and capabilities.

Qualifications and Experience:
One year of instructional experience in automotive and machinery. Bachelor s degree required. ASE certified in automotive and machinery, licensed, or accredited in the state in which the center is located, or is accredited by a professional trade organization to enable students to earn a primary industry credential in the discipline of instruction. Must possess a valid state driver s license.

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